Platform Tennis Program at The Chapel Hill Tennis Club

Platform Tennis is an American racquet sport enjoyed by players young and old and is easy to learn. This sport is played at public or private tennis clubs or in backyards at both recreational levels and highly competitive, and was created to be enjoyed outdoors in cold weather. This unique appeal attracts people who desire fresh air, competition, and social engagement, all on a chilly winter's night.

All levels, including new players, encouraged to come outdoors this winter to experience paddle excitement, fun, exercise, and camaraderie. Demo paddles available (sharpen your tennis volley, mind, and reflexes for spring tennis).

2018-2019 Platform Tennis Season runs November-February

2018-2019 Southern Tournament Schedule -


1) Free Introductions to Paddle  (or re-introductions)   Invite friends!   rsvp please
    Saturday November  3rd at 9 AM
    Monday  November  5th at  7 PM
    Monday  November 19th at 7 PM
2) Quadrant Paddle League    All Levels, Low Stress / Informal
     Organized play November - February
     Groups of 4 will schedule on their own.  Play may be any time.
     Substitutes may be used
     Play 3 sets, 1 with each partner
     Player winning most games moves up a level in next rotation,  least down a level
     (email to join or be on the sub list)
3)  APTA Paddle Tournament    Saturday January 5th 2019
4)  CHTC Member Paddle Event  Saturday January 12th 2019
5)  Joseph Dudley Carolina Paddle Cup    Date and Location TBD
Paddle Clinics for all levels offered by Andy Nelson
  (please contact Andy directly at
In addition to Quadrant Play, several members organize semi-regular weekly games based on level of play.
Members are encouraged to organize paddle events.  We can help with format, balls, emailing all players, etc.


2018-2019 Southern Tournament Schedule - 

Want more information?


* Platform Tennis Magazine   (look for copies in CHTC clubhouse)
*           American Platform Tennis Association
*         RGM Court Installation and Maintenance
*                  PaddlePro popular paddle website
*Ask CHTC staff or a paddle committee member